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Age range: Six weeks to 1 year

The infant room provides a nurturing and caring environment for exploring and learning that promotes healthy brain development. 

Highlights of the Infant Room

The Perfect Setting

Our soft flooring allows the babies to scoot, crawl, or walk across the room to get a book, look at themselves in a mirror, or to crawl into the ball pit with other babies for some healthy gross motor play.

Experienced Caregivers

Our caring Infant Room team boasts a combined 70+ years of experience in early childhood education.

Play & Discovery

We enjoy making new discoveries with children and support them in reaching milestones, such as recognizing familiar faces, learning to crawl or playing “Peek-A-Boo”.

Restful environment

A separate, adjacent nap room allows little ones to nap in their own crib in a quiet, calming environment.


Teacher Feature

Ms. Arnalisa

Arnalisa is the lead teacher in our Infant Room.

A.A. – Medical Assistant from Sentara College
Over a decade of experience in early childhood education
Certifications: CPR, First Aid, Medication Administration Training

Employed at WCCC since 2012

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