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Age range: 2 to 3 years

Our Preschool Program is designed so that the students spend their days participating in a structured, yet fun curriculum.

Highlights of the Preschool Classrooms

Explore & Learn

Teachers provide weekly, themed lesson plans full of engaging learning activities to encourage development in language, motor skills, and social skills, as well as creative expression.

Balanced Schedules

We have a predictable daily schedule which provides children with a sense of security and direction, but still allows us the flexibility to meet the needs of our classroom or children when learning opportunities emerge.

Expression & Discovery

Children are encouraged to cooperate with classmates, engage their imagination while exploring with paints and playdough, express themselves through music and show & tell, and explore life skills in our housekeeping play areas.


Parent involvement is encouraged as we take group walks around the William & Mary campus, through the Historic Area of Colonial Williamsburg, or to other sites in the downtown area.

Bev EDIT.jpg

Teacher Feature

Ms. Bev

Bev is the lead teacher in our Preschool 1 class.

Over 25 years of experience in early childhood education
Certifications: CPR, First Aid, Medication Administration Training
Employed at WCCC since 2004

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