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Age range: 1 to 2 years

The Toddler Classrooms provide opportunities to explore, discover, and learn in a play-friendly atmosphere.

Highlights of the Toddler Classrooms

Ready to Learn

Learning and development are fostered by responsive and trusting relationships with caregivers, who are close at hand to support children as they play.

Balanced Schedules

We have a predictable daily schedule which provides children with a sense of security and direction, but still allows us the flexibility to meet the needs of our classroom or children when learning opportunities emerge.

Play & Discovery

Each child is introduced to new and exciting sensory experiences such as water and sand play, outdoor play, music, movement, and art.


We enjoy being a part of the community by taking impromptu walks around the campus, by visiting the historic Williamsburg area or enjoying a trip to the library or bookstore.


Teacher Feature

Ms. Audrey

Audrey is the lead teacher in our Toddler 2 class.

A.A. – Early Childhood Education
Over a decade of experience in early childhood education
Certifications: CPR, First Aid
Employed at WCCC since 2015

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