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Age range: 4 to 5 years

Our Pre-K classroom provides children with the necessary foundation for a smooth transition to Kindergarten.

Highlights of the Pre-K Classroom

Growth & Learning

Through an enriched, challenging, and varied curriculum, children explore and learn through a variety of interactive experiences to support their cognitive, social-emotional, and physical growth.

Lesson Plans

The day is planned with an emphasis on teaching strong social-emotional skills and balances individual and group play, quiet and active times, children’s choices and teacher-initiated activities.

Classroom Environment

As the largest classroom in our center, the Pre-K room offers ample space for dramatic play, art, reading, science and nature, math, music, and movement.


WCCC is proud to send our little graduates off with skills they need to learn, think, and interact with friends and classmates in Kindergarten.


Teacher Feature

Ms. Jackie

Jackie is the lead teacher in our Pre-Kindergarten.

Early Childhood-Youthcare degree from Mibeon Samenwerkings School, Netherlands
Over 20 years of experience in early childhood education
Certifications: CPR, First Aid
Employed at WCCC since 2007

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